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GoCPA features full list

Different user roles interfaces and available features

Advertiser interfaces:
Consolidated report
List of partners
My company
Partner tickets
Advertiser support
My tariff

Affiliate interfaces:
Consolidated report

Data import 
Import data from the site (landing pages)
Import conversion and status data from customer CRM
Import data from Google Analytics (Reporting API)
Import data from google bigquery
Scheduled data aggregation
Re-aggregation interface
Alerts to critical import errors
Interface with import logs

Managers and support registration 

Manually add managers on request
Interface add managers
Interface to add support staff

Partner registration

Registration form with validation fields
Sending an e-mail with a link to verify the address
Password recovery (sending a new password by e-mail)
Bot Protection - Google recaptcha
Integration with customer's CRM (accounting systems)
Moderation of partners before account activation
Antifraud checking traffic sources during registration

Non-registered users interfaces

The main page with velkom bullit
Public offer page
Customer brandbook design

Manager interfaces - partner management
List of partners with filter
User Parameter Editing Interface
Interface of viewing links of partners with filtering by partner
Interface for editing postback API settings
Sending e-mail when changing user status
Search for partners by a given parameter

Manager Interfaces - offer management

List of offers and landings with status filter
Interface for adding and editing offers
Interface for adding and editing a landing page
Download a preview of the product / landing (photo) fixed size

Manager Interfaces - Ticket System

Interface for parsing requests by ticket system

Manager Interfaces - Statistics
Summary report:

- Filter statistics by partner
- The choice of the time period to the day, presets
- Statistics filter by: type of partners, offer
- Filter statistics on the top of partners
- Graph of click dynamics
- Graph of conversion dynamics
- Pie chart of the proportion of types of partners on request
- Pie chart of the share of partners on request
- Pie chart of the proportion of products on request
- Bar chart the dynamics of applications for products
- Bar chart the dynamics of applications for partners
- Import conversion data to CSV
Payments report:

- Selection of a time period with a month accuracy, presets
- Table of commissions by partners (accrued / paid)
- Highlighting in color depending on the status of payment
- Import paytable to CSV
- Filter statistics by: type of partners
Conversions Funnel Report:

- Statistics filter by: type of partners, partner, offer, landing, link
- The choice of the time period to the day, presets
- Conversion funnel table
- Import table with conversion funnel to CSV

Manager interfaces - news

News sending interface
Filter by partners to form mailings

Manager Interfaces - Payments

Payment interface for creating a payment register on a monthly basis
Uploading amounts payable to CSV
Change payment status
Payment history
Customized payout interface on request
Integration with third-party payment gateway
Instant Pay Interface
Customized payout registries for fin. and boo. billing accounting

Manager Interfaces - Payout flow, PnL

Conclusion of the dynamics of payments plan-fact grouped by month and partners
Generating Customized Analytical Reports
Generate reporting presentations for management

Manager Interfaces - Bidding Matrix

Recalculation of remuneration of partners in the reporting period
Affiliate Rate Categorization
Customized betting partners

Manager interfaces - rate customization rules

Interface for creating custom rate rules
Recalculation of rates by the rules
Bet calculation check interface
Regional differentiation rates

Manager Interfaces - Conversion Monitoring

Interface recalculation of remuneration for the reporting period
Recalculation of partners and sub-partners rewards
Sending Alerts to Partners

Manager interfaces - penalties and surcharges

Interface for adding and removing fines and surcharges
Accounting for fines and surcharges in payment registries 

Manager interfaces - blocking partners and sub-partners

Interface for adding and removing locks
Recalculation of partner remuneration, taking into account locks

Manager Interfaces - Advance payments 

Pre-bid rates interface, advance payment
Accounting for advances in payment registries 

Interfaces Manager - Documents 

Generation of acts in PDF format on a single template
Generating acts for affiliate templates
Interface moderation acts

Manager Interfaces - bid adjustments

Interface adjustment rates for specified partners
Sending alerts to partners when applying adjustments

Manager Interfaces - Promo Materials

Interface fill promotional materials
Editing Promotional Materials
Setting time limits for shares
Alert partners about the end of the action
Batch fill promotional materials 

Affiliate program promotion tracking interfaces

Interface of registration dynamics grouped by utm-tags
Displays tags in the list of partners, filter by tags

Partner Interfaces - Promo Materials

Interface download promotional materials

Partner Interfaces - Personal Account

Editing partner options
Editing API settings

Partner Interfaces - Products

List of active products and landing pages with the ability to generate links

Partner Interfaces - Links

List of links with filtering by statuses

Partner Interfaces - Statistics

Summary report:

- Filter statistics by: link
- Statistics filter by: product, landing, traffic source
- The choice of the time period to the day, presets
- Chart of income
- The schedule of applications
- Bar chart the dynamics of applications for links
- Bar chart the dynamics of applications for Landing
- Import conversion data to CSV
Conversions Funnel Report:

- Statistics filter by: product, landing, link
- The choice of the time period to the day, presets
- Conversion funnel table
- Import table with conversion funnel to CSV

Partner Interfaces - Payments

Interface with current balance, payable balance and payment history
Instant Payments

Partner Interfaces - Help and Support

Help Interface (FAQ)
Contact form in support (we form the letter on e-mail of the manager)
Ticket interface for contacting support 

Partner Interfaces - Postback Configuration

Interface customization parameters in url (dynamic parameters, statuses)
Custom request format (GET, POST, JSON, SOAP)
Interface for outputting logs of requests and responses of a partner
Search by logs

Postback partners integration

Postback Setup and Testing
Customization of postbacks for any partner format
Test Manager Interface for Postback Debugging
Interface Manager statistics send postbacks
Monitoring postback sending with error alerts
Postbacking bulk forwarding interface
Automatic reconciliation methods in XML, JSON, CSV format

XML catalog for E-COM partners

Auto-update of the catalog according to the customer’s schedule
Returning XML to authorized partners
Dynamic generation and caching of custom directories for a partner

Antifraud monitoring

Manager interface for blocking and tagging partners
Attribution Conversion Check
Interface Manager for attribution verification (GA)
Brand context monitoring
Wholesale Order Monitoring (E-COM)
Call center monitoring (banks)
Cookie stuff monitoring

Localization and translations

Multi-lingual all interfaces
Translation editing interface
Integration with customer API to import conversion rates


Subdomain and SSL setup
Setting up mail to send e-mail newsletters
Logs of sending e-mail
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