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Consolidated report

Key performance indicators

In the subsection "Key indicators" in the STATISTICS section, summary data for the project is presented, reflecting the current state.
The upper information block consists of 4 sections:

Sales - the number of sales based on monitoring data for the last 30 calendar days. Data may change after monthly reconciliation. And also the percentage of the plan (in%).
Orders - the number of orders placed in the last 30 calendar days. And also the share of new Clients (in%).
Conversions - The number of conversions or clicks in the last 24 hours. And also the percentage of new customers for the same period
LTV is an indicator of how much profit regular Clients bring to you over the entire time of working with them. The data is updated as new data becomes available.

The next block includes:

Half-year profitability is one of the main indicators.
Average selling price (for the past month) - in other words, the average cost of a product.
Weekly user activity (with the ability to select the period of interest) reflects the following indicators:
* Number of Pages / Visits per week
* Share of new users
* Number of users last week.
Next block - Attribution

It is a tabular form containing the following data:
* iD Partner
* Project
* Phone
* Company
* Share
* Date
* Status
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