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About GoCPA team

Our mission is to make affiliate marketing available for everyone

GoCPA team are experts in Affiliate marketing since 2011. For a long time we've been working with big companies, giving them technologies and interfaces for building their own affiliate programs, constantly improving existing solutions and growing in terms of technology and ideas.

For years working in affiliate marketing sphere we've created a platform that not only meets the needs, but forestalls them.

However, not all the companies require such powerful and hefty Enterprise-platforms, that's why we've launched GoCPA.Cloud: a SaaS-solution that allows even small online-businesses launch their own affiliate program fast and easy, and only paying for the features they actually need.

GoCPA Cloud has everything that's necessary: you can manage partners and track data from multiple sources in real time, control commissions and payments, send newsletters to all the partners, groups or individuals.

For example, you can send a message via email and show an interface notification to those who have registered in the past month or to those who receive payments to their digital wallets. You won't need developers to set up higher rates for those who perform better - you can make it in the interface in a couple of minutes. These are just a couple of examples, watch the full features list here.
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