The GoCPA team has been experts in affiliate marketing since 2011. We have been working with large clients for a long time, providing them with technologies and interfaces for our own partner programs, constantly improving existing solutions, growing and continuing to grow technologically and ideologically.

Over the years of working in the field of affiliate marketing, we have created a platform that meets any needs and even anticipates them.

However, not all companies need powerful, sophisticated Enterprise platforms, so we launched GoCPA.Cloud: a SaaS solution with which even small online businesses can quickly and easily launch their own affiliate program, and pay only for those functions that they really need.

The cloud version of GoCPA has everything you need: you can work with partners and monitor data from different sources in real time, monitor commissions and payments, send mailings to all partners, selected groups, or individual partners.

For example, you can send a message and notification in your personal account to everyone who has registered this month, or to everyone who receives a payment to an electronic wallet. You don't need developers to set up an increased commission for those who have shown good results - this can be done in the interface in a couple of minutes. These are just a couple of examples, you can see all the functionality here.

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