No intermediaries

Find out actual lead sources using analytics that takes 5 minutes to set up

Flexible rate scale

Share your income with partners instead of buying traffic

Fully customizable

Motivate your partners giving better commissions for better performance

Instant feedback

Develop your products considering the feedback from partners

About GoCPA Enterprise

GoCPA Enterprise is a multifunctional platform for industry leaders that allows you to manage your own affiliate program using ready-made technological solutions with maximum customization. With such a platform, you can set up individual business processes in the shortest possible time, while maintaining the familiar IT infrastructure of your company.

Customization makes it possible to customize each element of the platform for yourself, thereby collecting your own unique platform with the desired functionality and corporate identity. Assign tiered commissions, set up a flexible rate scale, work directly with partners, and get quick market feedback. In the Enterprise tariff, you get individual support from a personal manager and help in working with both statistics and partners.