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Service Terms

Service Terms

Registration, integration or other start of using the Platform means the proper conclusion of this Agreement and your full agreement with all its terms. If you do not agree to unconditionally accept the terms of this Agreement, you are not entitled to use the Platform.


This Agreement applies to the GoCPA Platform Software Solution


1.1. Owner of the Platform (Licensor) - Venture Crew Ltd, Registration number: HE 410660, incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

1.2. Platform User (Licensee) - any private person or a legal body that has the right to use the Platform in their interest in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

1.3. Platform - Computer program "GoCPA" (both as a whole and its components), which is an objectively presented set of data and commands, including source code, databases, as well as any documentation on its use.

1.4. Use of the Platform is the use of functionality and / or launch in the way that is determined by the user (technical) documentation and this Agreement.

1.5. Authorized User - a user registered in the Platform and authorized in it at least once.

1.6. Account is an information resource, which is a set of data from one copy of the Platform with a unique identifier, with the help of which the Platform objects are grouped for their joint display and use.

1.7. Technical support - activities carried out by the Owner of the Platform within the limits and volumes established by him to ensure the functioning of the Platform, including information and consulting support for Users on the use of the Platform.

1.8. Agreement - a document on the basis of which the Platform Owner (or another person having the appropriate rights) provides the Platform to the User for its use under the terms of this document.

1.9. Registration is an action of the User aimed to create an Account, carried out in the manner and for the purposes provided for in this Agreement.

1.10. User profile - an entry in the Licensor's system (login / password pair or a special api-key) that stores data that allows the Licensee and the authorized user to be identified and authorized.

1.11. Tariff is the monetary value of the cost of a unit of work, a service selected by the User, according to the Price List of the Platform Owner, published at the following address: 

1.12. API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface for the interaction of the system with third-party applications by using public methods published in the block with information about integration in the User's personal account.

1.13. Pixel - a piece of code placed on each page of the User's site in order to measure the effectiveness of advertising placements and determine the targeted actions of visitors to the Site of the Platform User.

1.14. Partner (Webmaster) - an individual or legal entity that legally manages an online information resource that belongs to him, as well as carries out actions to place information materials on his website (a page on a social network, a channel in a messenger or any other permitted means of communication), aimed at attracting Visitors to the site owned by the User.

1.15. Partner (Agent) - an individual or legal entity carrying out activities in direct communication - offline or online through communication channels (e-mail, instant messengers, SMS, etc.), in ways that do not contradict current legislation with Visitors, in order to attract them to User's site.

1.16. Offer - a separately taken offer to purchase goods and / or services (hereinafter referred to as the subject of the Offer), expressed in the format of a website or web page.

1.17. Visitor - an individual, an Internet user who has entered the Site within a certain period of time.


2.1. The Owner of the Platform grants the User the right to use (a simple non-exclusive license) of the Platform within the framework of its functionality by reproducing the program (connecting to the Platform via the Internet), exclusively for independent use by the User without the right to sublicense to third parties.

2.2. This Agreement is concluded before or immediately at the start of using the Platform and is valid throughout the entire period of its lawful use by the User within the term of the copyright to it, provided that the User properly observes the terms of this Agreement.

2.3. The Owner of the Platform grants the User the right to use the Platform without restrictions on the territory in the manner and on the conditions provided for by the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, the End-User Agreement and this Agreement.


3.1. The User is granted the right to Register under this Agreement.

3.2. Registration is carried out by the User independently by creating and specifying his account.

3.3 The User has the right, within the framework of this Agreement and in accordance with the selected Tariff, to place in the Account the data belonging to him/ her, if this does not violate this Agreement and the Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.
3.4. The user can set up the Platform only within the integration instructions described in the personal account. The Owner of the Platform does not imply the possibility of using it in any other way other than that specified in the documentation and is not responsible for the User's failure to achieve the expected result for which the platform was not intended.


4.1. The user, with the exception of the cases established by this Agreement, has the right to fully assign his rights and obligations under this Agreement to another authorized user once.

4.2. The assignment (transfer) of rights and obligations is carried out only subject to the full and unconditional consent of the new User with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the End-User Agreement.

4.3. The User is obliged to provide the Platform Owner with complete data about the new user to re-register the Platform to him/her in accordance with this Agreement.

4.4. The assignment (transfer) of rights under this Agreement cannot be carried out indirectly or through any third party.


5.1. The user has the right to independently choose the appropriate tariff, the list of which is published at:

5.2. The user has the right to use the Platform without paying any fee within the Free tariff, determined by the conditions in force at the time of registration.

5.3. The user has the right to change the tariff during any period of using the Platform.

5.4. The beginning of the validity period of the paid tariff is the date of payment of the invoice issued by the Owner of the Platform in accordance with the terms of the tariff.

5.5. In case of expiration of the validity period of the corresponding tariff and non-payment by the User within 15 (Fifteen) calendar days of the tariff from the list specified in clause 5.1. of this Agreement, further use of the Platform by the User may be limited by the Owner of the Platform at his discretion.

5.6. The Platform Owner has the right to unilaterally change the tariffs by publishing a new list of them at not later than 14 (Fourteen) days before the date of entry into force of such changes.


6.1. Registration.

6.1.1. In order to use the Platform, the User must go through the Registration procedure, as a result of which a unique Account and User profile will be created for the User. To add Authorized Employees, the User must independently create accounts for them using the Platform and give them access to the Account. The number of Authorized Employees within one Account is determined based on the tariff.

6.1.2. To register, the User undertakes to provide accurate and complete information about himself and the Authorized Employees on the issues proposed in the registration form, and to keep this information up to date. If the User provides incorrect information or the Platform Owner has reason to believe that the information provided by him is incomplete or unreliable, the Platform Owner has the right, at his discretion, to block or delete the User's account, as well as prohibit the use of the Platform.

6.2. Login and password to access the User's or Authorized Employee's Account.

6.2.1. The User or Authorized Employee is solely responsible for the security (resistance to guessing) of the password chosen by him, and also independently ensures the confidentiality of his password. The user is solely responsible for all actions / omissions (as well as their consequences) within or using the Platform under his Account, including cases of voluntary transfer or non-observance of data confidentiality for access to his account to third parties on any conditions (including contracts or agreements). At the same time, all actions within or using the Platform under the User's account are considered to have been performed by him, except for cases that occur after the User receives from the Platform Owner a notification of unauthorized use of the Platform under the User's account or any violation (suspicion of violation) of the confidentiality of your password.

6.2.2. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Platform Owner of any case of unauthorized access to the Platform using his Account and / or any violation (suspicion of violation) of the confidentiality of his password. For security reasons, the User is obliged to independently carry out the safe shutdown of work under his account (the "Exit" button) at the end of each session of work with the Platform. The Platform Owner is not responsible for the possible loss of data, as well as other consequences of any nature that may occur due to the violation by the User of the provisions of this part of the Agreement.

6.3. Deleting an Account. The Platform Owner has the right to block and delete the User's Account, including all content without giving any reason, in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement. From this moment, the restoration of the account, any information related to it, as well as access to the Platform using this Account, is impossible.

6.4. Restricting access to the API. There cannot be more than 1 API request per second for all methods in total. In case of suspicious activity through the API, the Platform Owner has the right to block access to the API for the User's account.


7.1. The User and / or Authorized Employees are not entitled to take actions that may entail: a) disruption of the functioning of the equipment and network of the Platform Owner;
b) disruption of the Platform or limiting the ability of other users to use the Platform;
c) unauthorized access to the Platform, as well as information, computing and network resources of the Platform Owner;
d) inflicting or threatening damage to third parties, including by posting information and links to network resources, the content of which contradicts the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

7.2. The User is not given the opportunity and the right to modify the Platform.

7.3. The User independently ensures the availability of equipment that meets the technical requirements for using the Platform and accessing the Internet.

7.4. The User guarantees that he has all the necessary rights to all data, computer programs or services that he uses in connection with the use of the Platform, and that such actions do not violate the rights of third parties.

7.5. The User does not have the right to use the Platform in any other way other than those specified in this Agreement, as well as copy, sell and resell it or access to it, unless the User has received such permission from the Owner of the Platform.

7.6. The User is fully responsible, including to third parties, in the event of any claims against the Platform Owner, for the graphic and text materials posted by him using his Account, including but not limited to:
text information of the main page of the affiliate program, banners, teasers, text slogans for banners, text used for email notifications via the platform and any other materials uploaded to the Platform, in cases where these materials violate applicable law, offend the feelings of third parties, are subject to copyright the rights of third parties, for the use of which the User has not received proper permission, as well as, in the case when the materials are misinformation or are fraudulent in nature.


8.1. The Owner of the Platform provides Technical support to the User on issues related to the functionality of the Platform, features of operation on standard configurations of supported operating, mail and other systems in the manner and on the terms specified in the tariffs.

8.2. The User has the right to contact the Technical Support Service of the Platform Owner using the methods listed in the corresponding tariff.

8.3. To provide Technical Support, the Platform Owner has the right to require the User to provide information regarding account data, technical characteristics of equipment and other information necessary for the provision of Technical Support.


9.1. The Platform is provided on an “as is” basis and the Platform Owner does not guarantee that all of its functionality will meet the expectations of the User and may be applicable for their specific purpose.

9.2. The Owner of the Platform does not initiate and does not control the placement of any information by the User in the process of using the Platform, does not affect its content and integrity, and at the time of posting this information does not know and cannot know whether it violates the legally protected rights and interests of third parties, international contracts and current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

9.3. The Platform Owner is not liable to the User for any damage, any loss of income, profits, information or savings associated with the use or inability to use the Platform, including in the event of prior notification from the User of the possibility of such damage, or any claim by a third party.

9.4. If errors are found while using the Platform, the Platform Owner will take measures to correct them as soon as possible. The parties agree that the exact definition of the time period for eliminating the error cannot be established, since the Platform closely interacts with other computer programs of third-party developers, operating systems and hardware resources of the User's computer, and the operability and time of troubleshooting do not fully depend only on the Platform Owner.

9.5. In the event that the User commits actions prohibited by the provisions of this Agreement, the Platform Owner has the right, without explaining the reasons and any notification to the User, to take measures to identify and prevent these violations.

9.6. For violation of the terms of this Agreement, the User becomes liable under the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.


10.1. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the User, in accordance with the Data Protection Law, expresses his consent to: provide his/ her personal data, processed by the Platform Owner. All personal data is collected and used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed to anyone else unlawfully by the Platform Owner.

10.2. The Platform Owner undertakes to take all necessary measures to protect the above personal data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

10.3. The Platform Owner takes the following actions in relation to the processing of personal data: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction.

10.4. This consent is valid for the entire period of use of the Platform by the User. The User understands and agrees that if this consent is withdrawn, he is deprived of the opportunity to fully use the Platform.

10.5. The user can revoke his consent to the processing of personal data by contacting the technical support of the Platform Owner through the ticket system in the GoCPA account, or at

10.6. The user agrees to receive the address of which he indicates during registration, advertising and information messages regarding the products and services of the Platform Owner and his partners by email.


11.1. For all issues not regulated by this Agreement, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

11.2. The Platform Owner has the right to change the terms of this Agreement unilaterally by posting the amended text at:

11.3. The Owner of the Platform has the right, in case of violation by the User of the terms of this Agreement on the use of the Platform, to unilaterally terminate this Agreement.

11.4. Upon termination of this Agreement by any party and for any reason, the User and Authorized Employees must stop using the Platform completely.

11.5. In the event that a competent court declares any provisions of this Agreement to be invalid, the Agreement will continue to operate in the remainder of the Agreement.


12.1 The User is prohibited from using the Platform to send bulk messages of a commercial, advertising and other nature that are not agreed (not requested) by the recipient of the information by email ("spam"). It is not considered "spam" to send information with the consent of the recipient, with the possibility to unsubscribe.

12.2. The use of the Platform should be carried out by the User only for lawful purposes and by legal means, taking into account the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, the European Union and the United States.

12.3. The User is directly responsible for the content of the Account (copies of the Platform), created and maintained by the User. The Platform Owner does not exercise preliminary control over the content of the information posted and / or disseminated by the User, however, when the placement and dissemination of such information is contrary to the law, the Platform Owner has the right to block or delete the corresponding Account and data without warning.

12.4. The Platform Owner does not provide the User with communication services, does not arrange for him to have access to information systems of information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet, and does not carry out activities for the reception, processing, storage, transmission or delivery of telecommunication messages.

Applications regarding the terms of this Agreement and Technical Support are accepted by e-mail
Venture Crew Ltd,
Registration number: HE 410660,
Chlois 5, Kato Polemidia, 4154, Limassol, Cyprus.
P.O. BOX 5821, CY - 3732
Irina Delgado Goyri
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