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20 reasons to grow Affiliate marketing in 2020

How to promote your product in times on uncertainty?

How to promote your product in times of uncertainty, when you need to do something, but you don't want to take risks? Our answer is to develop the CPA channel, and here's why:

1. A quick start in determining the portrait of the buyer. When you give your offer to webmasters, they evaluate it for “applicability” to their audience, hire it, and quickly understand the reaction of users to the product. Thus, after the first transactions, your partners will already be able to tell you who your customer is.
2. You do not have to go beyond the budget , because you yourself set an acceptable cost for the client, which you are ready to pay to partners.
3. No intermediaries and unnecessary commissions. Working directly with traffic providers, you do not need to spend your budget on commissions that ad networks and traffic aggregators take (and this, for a minute, is from 15% to 30%).
4. Flexible system of motivation. Set the most motivating incentives for those who give you more targeted users.
5. Saving time and money on advertising experiments. An important point for those who cannot afford to waste the budget for launching test advertising campaigns, checking the response to different creatives.
6. CTR is not your concern. You pay only for the user's targeted action, not for their clicks. Sounds great, doesn't it?
7. Predictable costs , predictable scaling. By building an understandable and pleasant motivation system for partners, you can grow linearly, always understanding how much money it will take you to increase a high-quality client base.
8. Low risk. Everything is clear here: the budget for promotion is spent not on impressions and clicks, but on a ready-made customer. Consider that you are paying your partners with the money that the client who came from them brought you.
9. Saving on the team for buying traffic. We in no way urge everyone to fire! But we know the statistics, judging by which CPA channels are able to catch up and overtake traditional ways of attracting customers in volume.
10. Reliable partners who care about your success. After all, their income depends on it.
11. Quick launch of promotions and special offers. It is enough to give partners all the necessary information about new proposals, and they will convey it in the form their audience is used to.
12. Fast feedback. Another advantage of working directly: if something is wrong, you instantly learn about it from partners.
13. Good ROI. For everyone who approaches promotion wisely, counts every ruble, and is not ready to pay more than half of LTV for a client.
14. A semi-independent tool. You don't have to waste time on posting creatives, generating links, and replacing ad titles.
15. Insights from partners. Users who come to you from different affiliate pages can tell a lot about the trends in product demand.
16. Efficiency. Because it works. 93% of companies that have tried using a CPA channel recommend it to the rest.
17. Innovation. To achieve the previous point, advanced technologies and tools are used, and traffic partners are always happy to take on new experiments.
18. Transparency. Because you always know what you are paying for.
19. Decrease in working capital. There is no need to invest a lot of money in the beginning of the funnel, redistribute it to something else, no less useful.
20. A very important point: the community of masters. Your partners will come to you with insights, a stream of ideas: “let's add an iframe”, “what if we remake the application form like this?”, “Did you see what your competitor did?”, “It seems like your -this page "...
This is perhaps one of the most valuable advantages of a CPA channel, where members perceive your success as equivalent to their own income.

Let these arguments inspire you to develop an affiliate business that will lead you to the right leads with the best ROI.
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