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Robotic budget control and automated traffic forecasts

How GoCPA algorithms help managing budget and planning ad campaigns

Robotization is the automatic execution of repetitive business processes. In the modern world, it is necessary to:

optimize human and production resources;
reduce costs and speed up work;
eliminate errors caused by the human factor;
identify weaknesses in business processes.

Not all processes lend themselves to robotization, but it is possible to identify the characteristics of actions that can (and should) be automated. Such processes are repetitive, frequently performed, digital and well-defined.

At GoCPA, we implement such functionality using mathematical models that take into account the dependence on many parameters (budget, rates, seasonal rates, conversion at different stages of the funnel, etc.). Of course, the correct operation of such models is impossible without retrospective data, so robotization for each new user begins to work after 3-4 months of receiving data in full. In addition, time for data accumulation is also required because leads can “run in” over time, and the conversion of the same partner can be different in the context of 30 days and 60 days.

Such a model is able to predict the budget, issue recommendations based on partner segmentation and conversion rates. The advertiser can set his own KPIs for the budget (for a month or for a specific offer), specify the minimum and maximum values ​​so that the system can send notifications when the values ​​are rejected in one direction or another.

In addition to sending notifications, the model helps to analyze the previous performance and make recommendations for achieving KPIs. For example, how many active partners are needed or what the conversion should be at important stages of ordering.

Thus, thanks to the tuned algorithms, you can quickly understand which stages in your product funnel are not as effective as you would like, and tackle them without wasting time on “manual monitoring”.

Why we love robotics:
Functions available to complete tasks 24/7/365
Works faster than people and doesn't make mistakes
Doesn't require integration or additional development

You can appreciate the full power of robotization and automatic control of indicators in the Professional and Enterprise tariffs. 


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