In our dynamically changing world, we all want not only to keep up with the times, but increasingly to “work ahead of the curve.” This is especially true in marketing and sales. Attribution assessment helps you choose the most effective conversion channels. But in the context of increasing the level of confidentiality, the introduction of restrictions on data collection and storage, experts are increasingly asking themselves: is this or that channel being evaluated correctly?

And here a new, actively developing area of “machine learning" comes to the rescue. Machine learning systems allow you to aggregate and process huge amounts of data, make forecasts, analyze the current situation and anticipate future developments.

Who will Machine Learning help in terms of attribution?
Firstly, to the heads of the sales and marketing department, and secondly, to the heads of data analysis areas. These specialists need analytical data for strategic planning, setting KPIs, and here indicators based on extensive data will be useful. The only thing that this system is not very convenient for evaluating the attribution of different channels is that they cannot be compared with each other, because a different set of algorithms and calculation models are used for data analysis. In addition, additional configuration or modification of the site will be required to meet the requirements of the system so that the data is correctly collected and taken into account.

Before you start configuring and using machine learning, you need to have data in the following areas:

As a rule, in the current conditions, a number of data is not available or it is difficult to translate it into numbers. Therefore, for the correct use of the obtained data based on machine learning, they should be considered not as a “guide to action”, but as a set of “data and personal expertise". For example, personal experience is indispensable in such matters as determining the attribution window, selecting channels and reallocating the budget, and evaluating the impact of channels on each other.

Machine learning is the future. However, it is important to use it wisely: do not rush to conclusions and apply personal expertise.
Machine learning is embedded in the work of the GoCPA system, and we are happy to share the collected expertise in the form of a platform so that it is more convenient for you to achieve the desired results in promotion.


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