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New features of Google Analytics

Last week, Google Analytics broke the news in which it announced the launch of a smarter GA service powered by machine learning powered by GA App + Web, which launched in beta last year.
The system offers improved data collection solutions in the context of restricting cookies and identifiers, while respecting the terms of confidentiality.

Let's remember what changed with the introduction of the App + Web system. As the name suggests, the system integrates user data from the site and from the application.

1. Data collection is not based on sessions, as before, but on the basis of events and parameters and users. In fact, this is an advanced Firebase functionality that helps collect and process application data. It uses event parameters and user properties (that is, unique user IDs generated from priority metrics for the product) instead of the usual metrics. Such an innovation can introduce difficulties for some users, since There are no “typical user metrics” in this system, and may not be.

2. In addition to the automatically tracked parameters, an easy setting for tracking additional events has been added, such as page views and scrolling, outgoing clicks, site search, for which you do not need to enter additional tags on the page.
List of collected events that can be enabled with one button:

In the context of the constantly changing market conditions and the restrictions that appear in connection with confidentiality, Google experts no longer consider it sufficient to look at certain individual indicators, but offer a comprehensive look at consumer behavior. Based on the information collected, the machine learning system will predict emerging trends, which will help calculate customer churn or increased demand.

The data accounting system is constantly evolving and supplemented. Deeper integration with Google products is being introduced to track customer behavior more accurately. The App + Web system, which combines the collection of data from web pages and from applications, helps in obtaining aggregate data from various sites, such as YouTube (watching videos in the application), email, Google search service, third-party sites, social networks, and analyze the interaction of sources.

As part of working with GoCPA, you can integrate with Google Analytics in a couple of clicks to get order data, check and take into account attribution when calculating payments.
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