Who are microbloggers?

Micro and nano bloggers are people who blog online with a relatively small number of subscribers.

Nano-influencers have an audience of less than 10,000 followers on social media and differ from large influencers in their more informal approach, often posting memes and personal photos with friends and family. Their profiles resemble the accounts of regular users, making them more appealing to audiences. Although their influence is limited, they are perceived by users as more genuine, as most subscribers are people who know the blogger personally or know them well enough to trust their advice and recommendations.

Microinfluencers are a type of blogger with a relatively small audience of 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers. They often create content related to specific interests such as food, fitness, fashion, etc. Thus, their audience is also made up of people who share similar interests and consider them an authority on a niche topic, and while their influence may not be as significant as macro bloggers, they are seen as a trusted source in their area of interest. They have subscribers who want to discuss the topic with them and listen to their opinions and recommendations when making purchasing decisions.

Why do businesses need microbloggers?

Micro- and nano-bloggers are becoming more and more numerous on social networks. Many factors contribute to this: accessibility and low entry threshold, changing consumer preferences (modern Internet users often prefer more succinct and targeted content), growing interest on the part of advertisers (new material incentives for people to start a blog). These reasons led to the peak of microblogging's popularity.

A huge advantage of microblogging is that niche bloggers have subscribers who are really interested in the product or service being advertised. Whereas macrobloggers have subscribers from all industries - the audience is very broad and rarely relevant.

So, here are a number of reasons to collaborate with small blogs:

1. High audience engagement

Microbloggers have a more engaged audience compared to bloggers with millions of subscribers. Their subscribers are more likely to interact with the content, including clicking on referral links and making purchases, as an advertisement from such a person can be equated to advice from an acquaintance.

2. Specialization

Many microbloggers focus on specific topics or niches, which allows them to attract an audience with clearly defined interests, increasing the chances of successfully promoting products or services through affiliate programs.

3. Lack of a large number of advertisements

The increase in subscribers' trust in microbloggers is also influenced by a moderate number of advertising integrations, because the accounts of such influencers are not filled with advertising publications, which are perceived by the audience as an irritant.

4. Lower costs

Microbloggers are also a more cost-effective marketing solution than their macro and mega counterparts.

Where to find microbloggers?

Of course, you can easily find microblogs manually: with the help of specialized channels in Telegram, by hashtags and geolocation on publications, on bloggers' compilation sites with their key indicators. But such ways of finding cooperation are often labor-intensive, and there is also an increased chance of encountering deception, since your work with the blogger will not be controlled and regulated in any way.

Right now, the demand for micro and nano-influencers is being widely closed with the help of CPA platforms. Plus, affiliate programs are becoming very popular among bloggers themselves, as it's an easy way to start monetizing their engaged, loyal audience. It's also important to note that the transition of bloggers to collaborate on the CPA model is due to the blocking of direct payments in banned social networks. For this reason, the decision to switch to earning through participation in affiliate programs has become very attractive. Thus, in 2022, the number of advertisers interested in microblogs increased by 30%, so there are many times more microbloggers earning on their content through third-party platforms.

GoCPA:Bloggers is such a convenient platform for working with bloggers. We provide a comprehensive and transparent model - from finding a blogger with a suitable audience and automated content creation (advertising material) to moderation of publications and tracking of key actions. Collaborating with bloggers has become even easier!


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