As representatives of the CPA marketing industry with more than 10 years of experience, we share with you the most common mistakes that you hope will not repeat, and will be able to achieve the best results together with your partners.

1. Lack of a clear strategy.

One of the main reasons why sales are lost and advertising campaigns do not reach the optimal level is the lack of strategic planning.

We often see advertisers launch spontaneous promos without thinking through a preliminary plan. Even if you are just going to launch CPA marketing, you should prepare a calendar of promotional activities for all audience segments that you aim to cover. The calendar should also take into account general events, for example, the beginning of the summer season, New Year and Christmas, Easter, national holidays, Mother/Father's Day, Black Friday, etc.

Send the prepared materials to your partners in advance so that they have time to test everything in time, ideally a month before the planned placement date.

2. Creatives aren't creative :(

Market leaders think through their actions for years ahead, and it is very important that the creatives accompanying your advertising campaigns are relevant, original, and correspond to the events in the calendar you have compiled from the previous paragraph.

3. Do not perceive the webmaster as part of your promo team.

Relationships with webmasters are very important in achieving maximum results for the company. Treat partners as ambassadors for your brand, be honest, and reward good results. The foundation of affiliate marketing success is the interaction of all parties.

For example, you can inspire your affiliates by offering them a special commission on a certain amount of sales, organize a contest with generous prizes, or simply send gifts as a token of appreciation for good work.

4. Measure results ahead of time.

Once the affiliate program has started working as expected, you should try to keep it active, the longer the better, because this is the starting point for the start of your revenue growth.

However, this does not mean that you need to rely on the results from month to month, you need to take into account the seasonality, on which the results of your promotional activities may depend. It is more correct to compare a single period with the same period of previous years — this way you will clearly see the difference.

5. Irregular high-quality content.

Launching and setting up an affiliate program is already a big deal. But you should never stop there: invest in regular, high-quality content that will help increase brand awareness and allow affiliates to know more about your products, and therefore promote them better.

At first glance, you might think that all of this is obvious. However, it is worth checking if all the processes in your team are set up in such a way that the affiliate program works for youAfter all, it depends not only on your partners, but first of all on you.

If you have any questions about how to properly set up your affiliate program, you can always contact us through the feedback form: Here

Our experts will be happy to help you figure it out.


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