Why collaborate with bloggers?

It is important to start with the fact that bloggers, with the right approach to choosing and cooperating with them, are one of the most converting of existing advertising channels. The return on investment from advertising placements with bloggers can reach thousands of percent. The most progressive advertisers around the world regularly cooperate with Influencers and regard them as the most effective channel of communication with their target audience.

To keep up with the rapidly evolving market, we at GoCPA have developed a product to work with bloggers and Influencers under the CPA model. Our recent research has shown that there is a need to introduce a platform for working with micro and nano-influencers (more than 500 subscribers) to facilitate the work of advertisers, as there are more than 300,000 small bloggers with a loyal audience. So connecting such influencers and advertisers in one place seems like a great idea. In addition, there is a clear trend of increasing cooperation with microbloggers: the number of advertising integrations in such accounts has increased by 30%.

How to set up cooperation with bloggers?

GoCPA:Bloggers provides functionality different from that of a webmaster. For example, our new platform collects and stores statistics on each blogger's site, allows you to work with personalized advertising materials, simplifies shering through short links and promo codes, automates the application of bar/QR codes to advertising materials, provides custom onboarding and a new tool for working with advertising materials - publications and many other cool features.

But the main thing to pay attention to is Brand Safety. Brand Safety, or brand safety, is a set of measures and strategies aimed at protecting a company's reputation on the Internet. The main goal of Brand Safety is to prevent a brand from being associated with content that could damage its image. Brand Safety is becoming increasingly important in today's digital marketing environment, where a company's reputation can be undermined by a single bad ad placement.

How is Brand Safety ensured in GoCPA:Bloggers, or how is bloggers’ publications moderated?

In the context of cooperation with bloggers and Influencers, as we have already said earlier, Brand Safety is aimed at minimizing the risks to brand reputation associated with potentially problematic or controversial content. Therefore, the moderation procedure of publications comes to the forefront when building correct cooperation with bloggers. Our platform provides two moderation modes: premoderation (content is checked before it is published) and postmoderation (content is first published without preliminary checking, and then, if necessary, checked and moderated)

Let's visualize the process of premoderation of bloggers' posts in GoCPA:Bloggers:

1. First of all, the blogger leaves a request to work with a particular offerer: he chooses the type of advertising material and the site on which he wants to place it. At this stage, the moderation of the site, which wants to use influencer, and checks the relevance of its audience to the selected offer.

2. Then, after the application is approved, the blogger begins to create the visual component - the creative. He can choose a ready-made layout of the advertiser, without the possibility of further editing, or create his own content, while taking into account the requirements of the advertiser, strictly specified in the document. If the creative in the first or second case turns out to be irrelevant, then payments are blocked or even the full restriction of the influencer's work on the platform.

3. The blogger is then required to attach a promo code and link to the offerer to the post, which is just as easily verified in the next step.

4. Now the material is being coordinated: before opening the publication for public access, the Influencer places a link to the closed version of the publication in his personal cabinet on the platform for possible moderation.

5. Finally, the advertiser in his personal cabinet can see a list of both applications to work with offers and already ready publications of their offers by different bloggers. At these stages of moderation, the advertiser has the right to reject the blogger's application or block the blogger's publication if it does not meet the requirements set forth earlier.

Speaking of postmoderation of content, it is important to say that we recommend working in this mode when we have established cooperation with a particular blogger. In other words, use postmoderation to speed up the process of publication by already proven bloggers, when the probability of unsuccessful publications becomes many times less.

Thus, it is important and necessary for advertisers to work with bloggers and Influencers, but the main thing is to do it on a platform that provides full transparency and security. This is exactly what GoCPA:Bloggers!


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