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7 ways to attract new partners to your affiliate program

If you do not have time to wait for the right partners to appear on their own, start actively searching and attracting the right sources to your affiliate program.
Here are 7 ways to do it:

  1. Search results

    Your product probably solves some problem, and for sure, there are people who are looking for information about it, and sources that publish information on the desired topic. Let's say you're selling a platform to build an online store. In this case, you can type search engine requests: “how to create an online store”, “how to connect card payments to the website”, “examples of successful online stores”, etc.
    Sources that appear in the search results on the first places are well indexed. They are your potential partners - go to their website, look for contacts to communicate, and do not forget to prepare a nice description of your offer, explaining why it is profitable to work with you, and why the audience of this source suits your affiliate program so well. 
    Together with the websites owners you can determine how to present your product on their resources in the most natural way: if they publish articles, you can insert the info about your product to the article; if the source compares different products, make sure that in this comparison you will be in the best place.
    In addition to websites, you can contact bloggers and popular groups on social networks if you know that there is the target audience for your product.

  2. Placement on topical resources

    Publish information about your affiliate program where partners can see it: catalogs, forums, groups on social networks and other sources, where webmasters and publishers learn about new relevant offers and conditions of various affiliate programs.

  3. Partners from related fields

    For example, if your product helps users create online stores, a potential partner can be a resource that helps them choose and register a domain. If both you and a company from a related field have an affiliate program, you can offer users discounts on each other's services as friendly services.

  4. Examining your competitors' referral sources

    With tools like Similarweb or Ahrefs, you can see where the referral traffic is coming from to your competitors. It is not necessary to “steal” partners away from a competitor - in many cases it is enough to make sure that if a referral source compares several products with each other, then you should be there too.

  5. Targeted advertising and remarketing

    Set up an ad network pixel to track users who have visited your affiliate program landing page but never signed up, and continue to advertise your affiliate program to them, talking about the multiple benefits that await them.

  6. Conferences and meetups

    One of the most effective ways to find loyal partners is meeting them in person. Personal communication is often more effective than other ways to establish contact, so we advise you not to miss such events. Here are some examples of events that you shouldn't miss if you want to develop your affiliate program:
    Affiliate World Conferences,
    Affiliate Summit,
    Mobile World Congress.

  7. Help from existing partners

    Motivate your partners to refer new ones to you by rewarding their success with gifts or commission terms. By the way, GoCPA provides a sub-partners commission program for this case, where you can define the amount of commissions and other terms.

Now you're aware of at least 7 ways to find new partners. In fact, there are even more of them, you just need to be creative! It takes time and energy to grow an affiliate program, but such efforts are definitely well worth it.
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