What is a White Label platform?

A White Label platform is an off-the-shelf software solution that a company can customise and offer under its brand. Such platforms are often used in various industries to quickly launch services or products without having to develop their own software from scratch. White Label partnerships allow you to utilise the most advanced technologies that can be applied to your own branded products and solutions.

Using the White Label solution, the owner of an information resource leases part of the sections and interfaces for a share of the partner's income. The contractor fills the page with content, creates advertising offers and keeps the site up and running. The second participant in the transaction receives a ready-made solution, for which he pays a fixed sum.

How is White Label used on CPA platforms?

Integrating White Label solutions into an existing affiliate programme can greatly enhance its capabilities and offer additional value to both advertiser and partners.

With the help of inbuilt White Label platforms, for example, you can easily create an offer page, which will be linked to from an advertising banner. This page is a fully customisable landing page: the advertiser ticks and fills in all the fields of interest that he wants to see on the site. These include, for example, uploading a logo, banners, information component, choosing a background colour and other required fields.

Own White Label affiliate programme has a number of advantages. Firstly, cost reduction. If an advertiser goes to a CPA-network, he pays the owner of the network a significant percentage of each reward to the partner, and when the advertiser has his own platform, he pays only a fixed amount for renting certain interfaces, which significantly reduces costs. Further, all partners work only with offers of a particular advertiser, because in CPA-network there are many advertisers and partners gathered at the same time. The competition is much higher. CPA - network does not guarantee that the advertiser's offer will find its partner, and in its own affiliate programme there are offers only of the advertiser who owns it. In addition, there is an opportunity to work with partners personally, in more detail: to work with the partner funnel, to control those who stop generating traffic through direct communications or trigger mailings, to stimulate and encourage those who are consistently effective through gamification, ballot and rating systems. And finally, the ability to work simultaneously with different types of accounts: affiliates, bloggers and agents. In your own affiliate programme, you can work with everyone from one place and without losing functionality or personal specificity.

What are the advantages of White Label platforms when working with bloggers?

If you work with bloggers, there are a number of distinct advantages to applying White Label to your blogger outreach. These benefits range from simplifying processes to making marketing campaigns more effective. Let's take a closer look at them:


Uniqueness and adaptability

The platforms provide tools to customise campaigns for specific blogger goals and audiences, which in the long run greatly improves efficiency.

Ease of use

Providing bloggers with easy-to-use tools makes it easier to publish content and pass moderation.


Advertisers can easily scale their campaigns, as expanding their blogger base becomes easier thanks to the versatility of White Label platforms.

Quick start

Thanks to ready-to-use solutions, advertisers can prepare advertising materials and launch campaigns faster, which can't be a bad thing in a fast-paced blogger environment.

You can try all the advantages of working with White Label platforms by cooperating with GoCPA. Join us today and increase your income with the help of convenient services and tools!


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