Why you should educate partners?

The success of an affiliate programme directly depends on the quality of partners' work. That is why the process of their training becomes a key factor that can significantly increase the effectiveness of CPA campaigns.

Affiliates are categorised into several groups: webmasters, bloggers and agents. Training for each category has a lot of benefits, but it's important to realise that the approach to training and its content is different for different groups of affiliates. GoCPA have tried to simplify the whole process as much as possible. Let's look at the specifics in more detail.

What features are there in training different partners?

The first thing to note is that training is important for all partner groups. We will now look at the details for specific categories.

Firstly, webmasters. These are people (agency, single pro) who master various methods of promoting services and use them to bring advertisers clients. They form content attractive to the target audience on their website or on various platforms, are engaged in SEO-optimisation of search queries, use banners, nativ, context. Training for such partners will consist in the distribution of training materials: articles and video content.

Secondly, bloggers. This is a fairly new type of partner. Working with them is different from the usual cooperation with webmasters, so it is worth putting more emphasis on personalisation and training. We propose to implement training for bloggers in a new format: along with informative presentations, articles and video content, which is placed by the advertiser with a link in the personal account, implement accompanying dynamic notifications on the platform (for example, on how to create advertising materials) and custom onboarding.

And finally, agents. These are non-professional members of the network, but their number is not limited. Agents are a completely new type of partners, for this reason, co-operation with them is fully focused on the process of learning and engagement, they require a new approach to presenting materials, the mechanics of webmasters are not suitable for them.

Let's focus on agent training in more detail. So, what we offer:

1. Inbuilt Assistant: takes an agent from registration to first sale;

2. Teaching Materials: the possibility to embed training materials of any kind into the affiliate programme: from presentations to video content;

3. Incentive System: we prioritise the agents' qualification, which is determined by passing tests during and after training and affects their remuneration. The higher the agent's qualification, the higher the remuneration coefficient.

4. Scoring System: the accumulation of points determines the amount of the agent's remuneration. How you can get points: passing training and tests, achieving a certain volume of sales, attracting sub-agents, increasing the level of sub-agents after training and their sales volume.

5.Building an Agent Network: the task of any agent is to bring more partners to the platform; the agents who brought them to the platform are responsible for training sub-agents. This approach can stimulate the level of learning of both old and new partners.

What are the benefits of partner training?

Partner training plays a critical role in the business development strategy. It not only enhances partner competence and effectiveness, but also brings a number of significant benefits to the company itself. Let's take a look at the key ones:


Improving the quality of work and increasing sales

Training allows partners to gain a deeper understanding of the product or service, which leads to a better and more convincing presentation of the company to end consumers. Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired, partners can, of course, significantly increase both their income and the advertiser's income.

Increasing loyalty and involvement of partners

Investing in the training of partners demonstrates an interest in their success, which contributes to increased loyalty. The partners' involvement in the common business also increases, which cannot but have a positive impact on the income of both parties.

Greater competitiveness

Companies that offer training and development to their partners stand out from their competitors, which attracts new partners and increases the level of trust.

Process optimization and error reduction

Training allows standardisation of work processes among all partners, resulting in fewer errors and inconsistencies, which in turn minimises the cost of correcting problems.

The list of benefits of implementing a comprehensive partner training process doesn't end there. Join the GoCPA team to easily try them all out for your business!


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